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Escort Kharkov Girls → Massazh ot pyshki

Massazh ot pyshki
Phone number is not available because the owner had hided the profile
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  • Hair
  • Intimate haircut
    shaved completely
  • On body
    piercing, tattoo, scars
  • 1 hour
    300 UAH
  • 2 hours
    500 UAH
  • Night
    1500 UAH
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
    500 UAH
  • Night
    1500 UAH
Relax erotic massage with different variations to continue! Dear Dons! Despite the weather, you will find cozy, warm apartment with secure parking. Warm warm tea, massage your feet, rub her juicy breast. And if you invite to the sauna, you do not regret it, because there is nothing better to spend the evening in full.
  • Outcall
    office, apartment, sauna, country house, hotel, any place
  • Languages
    russian, ukrainian, english, other
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