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  • Hair
  • Intimate haircut
    shaved completely
  • On body
  • 1 hour
    2000 UAH
  • 2 hours
    4000 UAH
  • Night
    12000 UAH
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
    4000 UAH
  • Night
    12000 UAH
Multi-valued expression "expensive" is perfect to describe elite escort services. On the one hand it is a heavenly pleasure, which gives you the communication with the brightest representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, the ability to surprise, captivate, fall in love and make you make light of madness. On the other hand, it is literally an expensive service. Not mere mortals inmates starry Olympus descend from heaven, but if you really deserve it and are able to correctly assess their divine beauty. Not only to evaluate, but also to pay, because it is no secret that the most expensive in the world - it's true beauty. Presenting a best works of nature, elite girls need not only adoration adoration, but also in an expensive obramlenii.My waiting for you 24/7
  • Outcall
    office, apartment, sauna, country house, hotel, any place
  • Languages
    russian, ukrainian, english, other
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